Remote controlled drones have become affordable and easy to use and it is a perfect time right now for you to get yourself one. We have here tips that are going to help you buy the right drone if you are interested in the specs for the best drone to buy. The time that the drone will be in the air without needing charge is known as the flight time and this is the first spec you need to look out for. The drone will stay even longer in the air if you buy extra batteries for it. The speed of the drone is how fast the drone can travel in the air and is measured in miles per hour, is the other spec to look out for.

The range of the drone is how far the drone can fly without losing contact with the remote controller. The range is measured in feet and you will do a lot more exploration if the range has more feet. The other great feature that the drone should have is an on-board camera that will be attached to the drone. Drone controllers come in form of either hardware or apps. Your personal preference is what will determine the type you will be choosing. A return to home feature is necessary on the drone so that it can come back to you using GPS. You may also visit and gather more ideas about drones at http://edition.cnn.com/2015/05/15/travel/gallery/your-views-from-above/.

If you want to get the best out of the drone, it is advisable that you start slow and low. You need to practice with the drone first so that you know how it works and how to handle it. Get extra batteries so that you are able to take longer flights, no matter the kind of drone you have. Avoiding obstacles are necessary especially trees and power lines and this is why you need to think ahead. Consult your manual especially for the functions that are advanced and that you do not understand, click to know more!

Failure to operate the drone carefully will lead to accidents and there are some basic safety tips to take into consideration. Read the manual carefully as here the manufacturer will provide you with all kinds of information on the usage of the drone. It is important that if there are rotors in the vicinity keep the drone away from them as they spin fast and can be a cause of accidents. If there is a sign of crashing, it is advisable that you get the throttle to zero so that there is not much damage caused to the drone at www.supercooldronestobuy.com/. While working on the drone, you must ensure that the battery has been taken out so that you do not have the drone starting off unexpectedly. As a beginner, start practicing in easier conditions and ensure that you abide by the law.


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